Rev./Dr. Eric R Moore, KSC (rev_erock) wrote in freak_power,
Rev./Dr. Eric R Moore, KSC

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I'm Out

As a sign of respect to the late, great master of provocation, I've decided I should leave these communities. Maybe I thought that he might read my work someday if he ever ended up here somehow...I know, it's fuckin' pathetic.

I've enjoyed being a part of this group, but I want to dissasociate myself from "gonzoism." I think that word has been officially twisted out of shape beyond any hope of recognition in the few short days since his death. I hope we'll meet again in some other obnoxious left-leaning community later. You're all welcome to visit me at my personal journal in the future, add me to your friends list, whatever...

I'll miss the good times we had here. "Bob" bless you all.
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