Rev./Dr. Eric R Moore, KSC (rev_erock) wrote in freak_power,
Rev./Dr. Eric R Moore, KSC

Ah-nuld Trips Balls on Nicorette

This is too funny!!! I would've paid a million bucks to watch Ah-nuld trip out...and he was apparently pretty upset by the whole thing. Tom Arnold was the source of Ah-nuld's psychedelic experience, giving him some nicorette to help him avoid the temptation to light a cigar because, and I quote, " he had to drive a semi cause he was in Vegas... I should've said, 'Take one.' He took six 'cause it's like gum and it tastes good. And so he called me (saying), 'You bastard! I'm hallucinating! I'm driving down the highway!'"
(Source; Tom Arnold)

Putting aside the question of why the Governor of California should be forced to drive a semi in the first place, Vegas or not...I can't help but hope to myself that HST, reaching out from the afterlife in what is bound to be a whole series of strange occurrences, had something to do with this.

I'm not trying to quit smoking, but maybe I should score some nicorette anyway
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