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Fear & Loathing in the Afterlife

The Good Doctor The Good Doctor

I'm too in shock to write much just yet, but I want to share this in his honor. He will be sorely missed...
A drawing of HST using the photo from the back cover of "Fear and Loathing in America" for reference.


Here's one way to draw the Doctor

Some thoughts from;

Today's Quote: "Gonzo journalism is a highly subjective and extremely personal form of reporting. While Dr. Thompson's writing style has not changed dramatically since the sixties (although his form has), the first piece of writing to be called gonzo was The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved written for Scanlan's and illustrated by the Welsh cartoonist Ralph Steadman. As the deadline approached, and with his article still not done, Dr. Thompson resorted to ripping pages out of his notebook and send them to the editors. What resulted was "gonzo", as Bill Cardoso called it. (Gonzo is really an Italian word for absurdities - gonzagas. Cardoso claimed it was a corruption of the French Canadian word "gonzeaux" which means "shining path". To my knowledge, no such word exists)."
~~ Gonzo, What Is Gonzo Journalism?

Our 'wicked warlock' Richard Metzger has spoken of how one of Disinformation's goals is to bridge the gap between the counterculture's old guard and what Jason Louv calls Generation Hex. We're saddened by the news that 'gonzo' journalist Hunter S. Thompson committed suicide on Sunday. HST was a pivotal influence during my student media stint, when E. Jean Carroll's biography Hunter was passed around the editorial office. He also toured Australia in the mid-1970s after the Fear and Loathing myth had taken hold. Now I'm numbed. What's often forgotten, but that is evident when reading the early works in The Great Shark Hunt, was HST's mastery of observation. 'Gonzo' reportage paralleled the innovation of participant-observer research in anthropology: a mastery of craft, detail and action to change situations. Reading these early works is like witnessing Crowleyan magical exercises transplanted to Los Angeles or the 1972 political campaign trail. Disinfonauts engaged in social change can also learn from HST's drug-crazed persona and how the myth became reality. This is very sad news, but maybe it might inspire some of you to carry on HST's spirit in your own projects. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

Happy Gonzo Day!!!!
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