Rev./Dr. Eric R Moore, KSC (rev_erock) wrote in freak_power,
Rev./Dr. Eric R Moore, KSC

O'Reilly Youth

Ooooh! I'm Pissed!!!!

This is a first for me...I've been banned from commenting in someone's journal!

I randomly searched out the journal of one brave_yankee_87 , and was taken aback by the little fucker's enthusiasm for spouting O'Reillyisms and saying things like "if you don't join(the Conservative Crusade), then you hate freedom!"

I left two fairly acerbic comments on his journal, and would have made a third, but he had already banned me by the time I'd upset him even twice!

It's not good to see that there is an "O'Reilly Youth" out there ( did you know he's published "The O'Reilly Factor For Kids"? ), eager to run with his idiotic crusades...This dumb-ass kidwas parroting O'Reilly's "liberals Vs. Christmas" scenario for his whole school vacation.

I'd be really thankful if others would go leave biting comments on his journal, since he's cut me off. Looks like O'Reilly's main tactic of simply shutting out his opponents is what little brave_yankee_87 really likes.

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You have a Conservative Crusade in the States? Ugh. That doesn't sound pleasant.

We have a Conservative Party. And they're rubbish. When Thatcher was about, they couldn't lose, but now they couldn't win even if Blair were to declare his admiration for Hitler and admit that he slept with children and farmyard animals.

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What kind of shit is that? They invite hostility, then run away with their tails between their legs when we give it to them. I'd LOVE to get Bill O'Reilly alone in an alley and see how tough he is then....